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Coronavirus Central is a daily podcast which covers the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with open source intelligence to promote public health, information, and safety. RSS Feed: Check out our Telegram group at We have a live show on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on YouTube at: YouTube: Donations are welcome: PO Box 35, Greenville Jct, ME 04442 Venmo @CVCPRV
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Invitation to Free Atlantic Radio

    Having discontinued Coronavirus Central, allow me to invite you to listen to my new and ongoing work every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a weekend mailbag episode for your questions at Free Atlantic Radio. For sixty to seventy minutes, we look into questions of how to restructure our society in the post-Covid world ...


  2. CV Central - 7/1/2020 - "Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire"

    Episode 87 will be the final episode of Coronavirus Central in light of the other challenges America faces and my desire to cover them more fully including a wider focus of topics and a more regional impact.  Allow me to say thank you to you all.  Today's episode starts by ...


  3. CV Central - 6/24/2020 - "A Matter of Trust"

    In this eighty-sixth episode, the question becomes who do you trust?  We see rising numbers throughout the south and west as Texas, California, and Florida lead the way with many new cases, expected after their reopening.  But as we ask what sources are there to guide our search, we share ...


  4. CV Central - 6/19/2020 - "Black and Blue: America Battered"

    The eighty-fifth episode of Coronavirus Central looks at the escalation of the culture war between police and activists.  Call offs in Atlanta and a future planned event in New York hint that the events of Seattle and Minneapolis are driving a nationwide wedge.  We look at the frustrations of officers, ...


  5. CV Central - 6/16/2020 - "Chinese Takeout and the Golden Dollar"

    Episode 84 looks at the scene around the world to follow up on two trends predicted by this show.  Firstly, we see hints of a major new outbreak happening in Beijing and begin questioning what is happening in China as border clashes with India leave three dead with more injured ...