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Coronavirus Central is a daily podcast which covers the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with open source intelligence to promote public health, information, and safety. RSS Feed: Check out our Telegram group at We have a live show on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on YouTube at: YouTube: Donations are welcome: PO Box 35, Greenville Jct, ME 04442 Venmo @CVCPRV
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Latest Episodes…

  1. CV Central - 3/10/2020 - "Reports from Italy, Ventilator Shortages, Food Supply"

    Episode 26 sees a quarantine imposed across Italy as prisoners revolt, the economy shudders, and doctors tell of war zones as the #Covid-19 pandemic is raging beyond their ability to try.  We look at the four critical shortages that hinder the effort:  Lack of PPE, lack of antiviral drugs, lack ...


  2. CV Central - 3/9/2020 - "Drive Through Testing, Italy ICU Overrun, New York and Houston considered"

    Our fifth week of service begins with Episode 25.  A report from Japan of the first coronavirus related case of meningitis kicks off our coverage.  16 million Italians are now under quarantine to arrest the spread of the deadly pandemic even as doctors in Italy report the ICUs are overloaded, ...


  3. CV Central - 3/7/2020 - "Recombination, Shortfalls, and Cancellations"

    We close our fourth week with Episode 24.  New evidence emerges to substantiate claims of neurological damage, substantial risks to cardiovascular health, and we find Covid may not just mutate, but also reconfigure itself in a process called genetic recombination.  A DOD Study suggests a flu shot might heighten your ...


  4. CV Central - 3/6/2020 - "Children Super-Spreaders, Congressional Funding, and Tough Choices"

    In Episode 23, we're looking at a new study from Shenzhen in China about how this virus spreads and the suggestion that children, thankfully spared the worst of the disease to all current accounts, may also be a primary source of transmission.  Feces might offer another alternate equally valid and ...


  5. CV Central - 3/5/2020 - "Brain Infection, Doctor Concerns, and New Modeling"

    In this twenty-second episode, we report new evidence from China which further suggests #Covid-19 is a neurological disorder, as well as another example of an infected person who was nominally "cured" who has now died.  India has found their first cluster, California has their first reported death, and South Africa ...