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Coronavirus Central is a daily podcast which covers the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with open source intelligence to promote public health, information, and safety. RSS Feed: Check out our Telegram group at We have a live show on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on YouTube at: YouTube: Donations are welcome: PO Box 35, Greenville Jct, ME 04442 Venmo @CVCPRV
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Latest Episodes…

  1. CV Central - 5/20/2020 - "Cleft by Division: America's Political Problem Meets Economic Uncertainty"

    The seventy second episode features a review of the highly contentious partisan response amidst the question of how we build a functional economy that can be sustained in the face of pandemic and urgent human need.  We start by seeing how the locations where the outbreak happened shaped the public ...


  2. CV Central - 5/18/2020 - "On Mutations, Receptors, and Transmission"

    Episode 71 looks at the most recent information about viral mutation, spread, and how it connects to us.  We start with the troubling outbreak of Kawasaki Disease, a heart symptom affecting children in Italy and New York.  As we come to see not just the different mutations, but how they ...


  3. CV Central - 5/15/2020 - "Coronavirus in Canada: A Comparative Study"

    For episode 70, we travel north to Canada for a comparison against what the United States experiences.  A more robust policy response including direct aid support has helped minimize suffering for most Canadians, although a terrible failure in nursing homes, existing outside their public health system in many cases, has ...


  4. CV Central - 5/14/2020 - "Macro Trends for the Coronavirus World"

    We take the 20,000 foot view in Episode 69 as we look at the bigger problems with the economy and how society has to restructure itself to meet the demands of people which change less amidst a virus that is making us rethink much of how we live.  We start ...


  5. CV Central - 5/13/2020 - "A Question of Priorities: How We Ignore Covid at Our Own Peril""

    Episode 68 was supposed to be about the divergent policy responses caused by the political polarization in the United States.  After a serious look at just how well ideology is now predicting expectations beyond science, we see such American absurdities as the Right deploying a militia to defend a barber ...