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Coronavirus Central is a daily podcast which covers the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with open source intelligence to promote public health, information, and safety. RSS Feed: Check out our Telegram group at We have a live show on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on YouTube at: YouTube: Donations are welcome: PO Box 35, Greenville Jct, ME 04442 Venmo @CVCPRV
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Latest Episodes…

  1. CV Central - 5/4/2020 - "Transmissibility, Mutations, and Immune Enhancement"

    In Episode 61, we begin a two-part review of some breaking research that reveals that Covid is confirmed to be mutating in ways to make it more infective using both mutations and recombination.  Distressingly, it looks like modifications to the spike protein suggest that immune suppression and enhancement are possibilities ...


  2. CV Central - 5/1/2020 - "Worldwide Issues on Food, Health, and Insecurity"

    Episode 60 expands the outlook as we check in on Russia, the UK, and Canada in more depth and see how hints of a second wave are peeking out from Germany to Singapore.  Global food supply chain issues are leading to greater insecurity presaging political issues.  The disappearance of Kim ...


  3. CV Central - 4/30/2020 - "Less Shedding and Tough Sledding"

    Episode 59 covers two areas in some depth, starting with good news from Korea suggesting viral shed improbable from recovered patients which should reduce contagiousness.  That is tempered by more reporting on strokes in younger people, as Indian scientists identify a potentially emerging dominant strain which may explain why we ...


  4. CV Central - 4/29/2020 - "Who pays for unemployment amidst rising factionalism?"

    For the 58th Episode, we turn to a heavily divided America as we look at structural problems at both the economic and political levels and the challenges they portend.  After a quick update about a disturbing new problem with children in the UK that is potentially Covid related, we see ...


  5. CV Central - 4/28/2020 - "Mental Health, Neurology, and Covid's Troubling Origin"

    Episode 57 covers two delicate areas with depth and intensity.  First, we look at mental health in light of the tragic suicide of Dr. Lorna Breen from NY-Presbyterian and the many other Americans suffering.  From there, we look at how and why Covid may exacerbate this directly as well as ...