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Coronavirus Central is a daily podcast which covers the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic with open source intelligence to promote public health, information, and safety. RSS Feed: Check out our Telegram group at We have a live show on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays on YouTube at: YouTube: Donations are welcome: PO Box 35, Greenville Jct, ME 04442 Venmo @CVCPRV
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Latest Episodes…

  1. CV Central - 4/6/2020 - "The limits of social distancing and the known unknowns."

    For Episode 46, we reset and take a look at the current situation.  Good news about flattening curves in Spain, Italy, and elsewhere conceals that we are at the beginning of a long story.  We look at the modeling from US and the many missteps along the way as we ...


  2. CV Central - 4/3/2020 - "China and the United States - A Complicated Situation"

    Episode 45 delves deeply into China, their response, and the evolving competition with the United States.  We start by looking at Latin America coming into crisis, promising a rising death toll and infection in countries from Mexico to Chile, peeking at Ecuador here.  We see nearly 7 million Americans now ...


  3. CV Central - 4/2/2020 - "Who else dies, cats as spreaders, and ventilator support issues"

    Here in Episode 44, we look more deeply into the two to three times normal death rate of people who are passing beyond annual averages in Lombardy of whom only a third are being attributed to Covid.  A new study suggests ferrets and cats may carry the coronavirus, including the ...


  4. CV Central - 4/1/2020 - "Neurological invasion, silencing of physicians, and an attitudinal shift"

    Episode 43 starts with a troubling case of a woman from Detroit who suffered acute hemorrhagic necrotizing encephalopathy - or a bleeding brain - apparently related to Covid and the cytokine storm problem.  We look at a study from Los Angeles that showed only 5% of the suspected influenza patients ...


  5. CV Central - 3/31/2020 - "Spread Through Conversation, Growing Unrest, Under Reporting Fatalities"

    We seek the ultimate questions in Episode 42 as some of your inquiries are answered with the latest research.  We look at how not just cases, but deaths are likely being under reported especially as places with taxed medical systems make the decision to exclude high risk low survivability patients, ...