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Coronavirus Central - Episode 8 - February 18, 2020

Coronavirus Central
Coronavirus Central - Episode 8 - February 18, 2020

Episode 8 dives into the supply chain interruptions taking a look at how deeply Covid-19 is impacting the Chinese economy, the heavy reduction in usage of fuel and transportation, the risk to the food supply, and the perils of manufacturing during an epidemic.  We look at how the West is exposed with a focus on the medical supply and pharmaceutical sectors, electronics, manufacturing, and automobiles, and the real problems of finding alternate suppliers with the world's primary manufacturer mostly offline.  Lastly, we examine efforts by the WHO to silence all non-authorized reporting sources, arguing against the spreading informational blackout of this devastating outbreak.

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Latest statistics:

China's Economy Disintegrating:

Coronavirus Could Impact 5 Million Companies Worldwide:

US Pharma Supply Chain Vulnerability:

American dependence on Chinese pharmaceuticals:

Impact of Coronavirus on Global Supply Chain:

Automotive Disruptions:

Pharmaceutical Disruptions:

Electronics Disruptions:

Textile Disruptions:

WHO Silencing Social Media:

Media Coverup in Buffalo:

Whistleblower from Buffalo Replies:

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