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Coronavirus Central - February 22, 2020 - "Means of infection, CDC Problems, Preparation"

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Coronavirus Central - February 22, 2020 - "Means of infection, CDC Problems, Preparation"

In Episode 12, we report upon the rapidly declining situation in South Korea with updates from Iran and Italy.   Wuhan claims cases are dropping as they build 19 new hospitals in a growing pattern to undermine the credibility of countries and institutions alike.  We look at a fight between the CDC and State Department about those Diamond Princess passengers who were brought home without even consulting the President and against medical advice.  New information suggesting that feces accelerates the spread as do upper respiratory infections which could resemble the flu is shared.   We include evidence to further strenghten the argument for why Covid could be engineered based on its origin point.  Lastly, we make the case with global spread accelerating and quarantines becoming a more regular feature, the time to prepare is now with our strongest suggestion that you want at least a 30 day supply of necessary items focusing on food, water, and medicine to remain in place.

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19 new hospitals planned for Wuhan as cases "drop":

Cases spiking in South Korea and worldwide:

Dangers of fecal transmission for spread rate:

Incubation period now rises to 27 days:

Upper respiratory problems with Covid:

Speculation about potential origins of the Covid outbreak:

Retracted paper suggesting artificial origin of Covid outbreak from South China University of Technology:

Gates Foundation gives $100 million to China which refuses CDC aid:

UK NHS seeking to treat suspected and infected cases at home:

CDC ignored as sick people flown home:

Trump enraged not consulted on decision to move infected:

CDC telebriefing:

Costa Mesa sues Federal government for injunction to prevent placement of 30 to 50 infected persons in their town:

Global shipping falling rapidly with supply chain problems to follow:

FBI spends $40k on PPE gear for upcoming pandemic:

Imperial College estimates 2/3 of cases from China would have been missed due to asymptomatic spread:

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