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CV Central - 2/24/2020 - "Italy, Markets Reacting, Iran"

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CV Central - 2/24/2020 - "Italy, Markets Reacting, Iran"

Episode 13 starts with a reset of the situation to summarize for our new listeners what we have learned about the Covid-19 pandemic, key questions we still have, and a brief outline of events and discoveries.  Key discoveries include that "cured" patients also need a 14 day quarantine lest they spread the virus, the FDA reports impending shortages for 150 drugs, and local governments resist efforts from the CDC to place Covid-19 victims in their community.  The CDC continues to criminally underreport the case load and the WHO claims they no longer have pandemics.  Meanwhile, Iran has seen 50 deaths acknowledged , South Korea is heading toward full quarantine, and Italy has jumped to over 200 cases rapidly with 5 deats and Lombardy in lockdown.  Sadly, while China claims to have under 500 new cases daily now, we see incinerators going throughout the country with a firewall shielding what they are doing from the world as we see sulphur plumes off the chart now being measured - a signal of the burning of organic waste.  Prepare now as the quarantines are coming.

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Cured patients test positive again, could spread disease:

FDA sources:  Shortages of 150 drugs expected:

Chinese businesses unable to survive:

CDC - Daily Testing Update - 414 tested nationwide:

Alabamans manage to shunt Covid-19 victims away from Calhoun County:

Calhoun County hearing - little notice given to local officials by Federal agencies:

WHO: Don't call it a pandemic:

SO2 release from Chongquing in China (organic burning material) via

Miles Guo claims of mass incineration of the dead in China:

50 Deaths in Iran as Covid-19 outbreak flares:

South Korea to begin enacting quarantine measures:

Italy now over 200 cases, Lombardy shut down, borders to close in Europe?

Dr. John Campbell - Call this a pandemic already:

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