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CV Central - 2/25/2020 - "Banking, Bureaucrats, and Big Numbers"

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CV Central - 2/25/2020 - "Banking, Bureaucrats, and Big Numbers"

Episode 14  begins with a deeper dive into imagining a more effective quarantine policy as we more closely examine the Italian response with the case count roaring toward 300 and neighboring countries being infected.   We continue asking for a more robust response from the WHO and CDC, and look into the pandemic bonds asking if the reason why we have not seen a pandemic declared has much to do with a banking quirk worth at least half a billion dollars.   Larger studies looking at the case volume primarily from Wuhan suggest a mortality rate between 2 and 5% under proper medical supervision, and we look at the details of what to expect.  Finally, the show closes with discussion about what the coming weeks may bring and the constant advisory to prepare because this will come in waves, but quickly.

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