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CV Central - 2/26/2020 - "Public Disclosure, Risk Assessment, and the Next Steps"

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CV Central - 2/26/2020 - "Public Disclosure, Risk Assessment, and the Next Steps"

Episode 15 offers a framework to deal with a rapidly changing world as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads quickly through Iran, Italy, and South Korea and we see Europe, the Middle East, and now Latin America joining the fray.  We consider what virologists say about how widely this will spread, speak honestly about the millions or tens of millions who will be impacted, and critically gauge the CDC's effectiveness in light of the public admission people should prepare now because the coronavirus is here.  Beyond politics, we look at intermediate treatments to deploy, how to protect medical responders, and implore governments to work now on solutions to the two questions we will need to survive as our economy stagnates amidst supply line disruptions and growing panic:  How do we keep the doctors at work and how do we keep people fed?

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