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CV Central - 2/27/2020 - "California, Chimeras, and Case Studies"

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CV Central - 2/27/2020 - "California, Chimeras, and Case Studies"

Episode 16 starts with review of a story published in the Sun which considers the UK projection that up to 500k could die from Covid-19 in a worst case scenario with cold math that suggests this is worse and that story is an effort to begin slowly raising the level of public awareness about the peril before us.  We look at the rapidly advancing outbreak in South Korea, and apply that logic to the clusters which will form.  The first disconnected case in California is traced back to Travis AFB, hinting at failures in containment yet again from the CDC.  We close with a bombshell that says Covid-19 spreads like HIV, leaving us wondering if it harms us the same way.  Could that be why so many drugs work?  Is Covid-19 a chimera blending attributes of different sicknesses in one load? 

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Leaked UK paper claims 500k could die from Covid-19:

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Japanese woman tests positive second time:

Peak Prosperity - Good coverage of Iran and false reporting from China:

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NYC stocking up supplies as more self-quarantines revealed in near vicinity:

SARS-CoV-2 spreads like HIV increasing infectivity:

Did Coronavirus originate in Chinese laboratory:

Chimerical viruses:

Remdesevir has been effective as an Ebola drug working on Covid-19:

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