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CV Central - 2/28/2020 - "Censorship, Iranian Clusters, and ICU Units"

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CV Central - 2/28/2020 - "Censorship, Iranian Clusters, and ICU Units"

In our seventeenth episode, we look at the tightening release of government information as the White House puts a gag on the Federal government sharing information about the outbreak.  We see a story about the UK's plan to institute care panels and their contingency planning is removed.  A report from Italy shares how ICU beds are filling up as one Chinese province reports 14% of Covid-19 victims test as reinfected.  We look closely at why Iran is in such trouble including the likelihood much of their government is at risk from this virus.  We see that Covid-19 has probably infected many, hurt some, but caution against misinterpreting finding those cases that exist as seeing them as an outbreak beyond something likely already here. 

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14% of Covid-19 patients test positive on second test in Guangdong:

White House gags government from public testimony:

HHS whistleblower alleges improper protection used with evacuees: 

Deleted story from about care panels in UK: 

Stress mounting on Italian ICU system as case load builds:

South Korean official responsible for coronavirus management commits suicide:

Cruise ship "Meraviglia" held offshore amid coronavirus fears:

Iranian fatality rate higher as virus ravages country:

Canadian study estimates 18,000 likely infected in Iran as of 2/24:

Thread related to potential use of cattle for antibody production (highly speculative):

Police warn meth could be contaminated with coronavirus in San Antonio:

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