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CV Central - 3/12/2020 - "Aerosol and Masks, Immune Suppression, Chloroquine, Inadequate Policy"

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CV Central - 3/12/2020 - "Aerosol and Masks, Immune Suppression, Chloroquine, Inadequate Policy"

Episode 28 goes for a deep dive into science and policy about the coronavirus outbreak.  We start with a new study which informs us Covid-19 can survive as an aerosol for up to three hours contradicting the earlier claim by the CDC that masks were unnecessary, a major problem as we are desperately lacking supplies despite efforts to ramp up production.  We present a study that argues for immune suppression capacity of Covid-19 with reduced white blood cell count, but which offers also a useful diagnostic to predict case discovery and prognosis.  Another study informs that people can have influenza and coronavirus simultaneously, leading to the testing errors, and perhaps increased risk.  We look closely at how chloroquine offers the best hope for immediate aid, especially early in the infection, as it serves to basically jam the lock of the ACE-2 receptor which Covid-19 has most commonly been using.  This treatment already pioneered in China and elsewhere is further amplified by using Zinc in conjunction to make the cell even less vulnerable to the virus in a method already being applied by Korea.  Solutions exist to mitigate the crisis, but the policy continues to lag in the United States.  While there is a welcome departure toward more serious consideration, the reality is both sides are still seeking to mitigate the crisis in a reactive mindset driven more by economics and ideology than understanding this is a war where a week's delay will mean fatal consequences for many people.  Get prepared, or you'll be like the feral monkeys now roaming in Thailand looking for food as the tourists suddenly disappeared.

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