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CV Central - 3/13/2020 - "Burial Mounds, China/US Tensions, and Boston Prepares"

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CV Central - 3/13/2020 - "Burial Mounds, China/US Tensions, and Boston Prepares"

Episode 29 starts with a quick jaunt through the world of the Covid-19 pandemic looking at Iran having major trouble with mass graves potentially spotted as Italy is buckling.  We see the viral shedding lasts up to 37 days with a median of 20 days post infection as India offers another similar treatment protocol.  As the crisis deepens, tensions between the US and China are beginning to flare as China's export economy and America's dependence on Chinese drugs create a toxic relationship as politicians search for who to blame in the outbreak.  Amidst that backdrop, Boston looks to be going around the CDC and developing a more aggressive and proactive plan to keep their residents from experiencing the worst of it, which while probably not enough to protect everyone, does offer the promise of saving many lives by further sustaining the health care system.

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Massachusetts looks like Italy did two weeks ago:

Superspread event at the Biogen Conference in Boston:

Boston EMS going to respiratory suits with maximum protection:

Harvard Expert helping craft Boston response to flatten epidemic curve:

Tufts Hospital CEO interview about medical challenges of Covid:

Outdoor testing and triage to expand surge capacity and protect health care workers in Boston:

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