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CV Central - 3/17/2020 - "France, San Francisco, Amazon, T-Cells, and Chokepoints"

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CV Central - 3/17/2020 - "France, San Francisco, Amazon, T-Cells, and Chokepoints"

A deeper look into how these lockdowns will function and what purpose they serve is the focus of Episode 32.  After more harrowing evidence from Italy, we look deeply into why you don't want to treat Covid with ibuprofen for the early fever and a dive into the T-cells suggests that afflicted immune response is at the heart of case severity.  Revised modeling in the UK is leading to a shift from mitigation to containment, as reflect in France's mandatory shutdown.  We see the same in the US starting as San Francisco is the first area to begin lockdowns will likely only accelerate even as we must wonder will they prove enough given the many exemptions required to keep basic services functioning.  We address the strange irony that the food production, distribution, and delivery system will require people who are most at risk for the least compensation to contemplate serious risk to help others who are not exposed, and look at how Amazon will deal with this and the many tensions that create a massive vulnerability.  Lastly, we peek at the first efforts toward the first vaccine candidate - a goal far off in this distance but toward which progress is being attempted.

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