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CV Central - 3/18/2020 - "Youth at Risk, Who Pays for What, and the US South"

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CV Central - 3/18/2020 - "Youth at Risk, Who Pays for What, and the US South"

For our thirty-third episode, we start by noting that Facebook is now blocking legitimate stories which they attribute to a "bug" as the WHO and partners invest more energy into controlling information than fighting the outbreak.  We share a new study that suggests children can still be at risk, though thankfully less than adults, as we also report from the Dutch that many young seemingly healthy people are in severe distress from Covid.  The hope is people will change their behaviors as New York is perched on the verge of a major shutdown that we see happening now in Switzerland.  We look at the problems of renters, unemployed, and those needing resources as a bipartisan consensus forms around debt suspension or forgiveness and the direct payment of income to all adult Americans to get through this crisis so people won't have to go out.  As that lurches forward, we see Texas getting prepared with better decisions about public events, but shortfalls in supply.  Louisiana is also coming under the gun post Mardi Gras, and while Florida has begun shutting down some bars and restaurants, partially, the Sunshine State continues to lag.  Lastly, a new drug for fighting flu in Japan is having some positive impacts so we talk about favipiravir (Avigan) as another tool in the arsenal.

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Facebook censors multiple news sources about coronavirus:

New study reports that children are at risk from Covid though less than adults:

Belgian doctor reports on severe lung trauma to healthy people in 20's and 30's:

WSJ discusses intergenerational war about how seriously people take Covid:

NYC considering issuing shelter in place order and ramifications for the region:

Swiss hospitals will face collapse within 10 days at current patient progression rate:

Layoffs across America swamp unemployment offices:

Portland, OR passes legislation to suspect post rent due evictions:

Bipartisan consensus forming for immediate cash injection:

Texas preparing for case load increase as medical professionals worry about bed, mask, and ventilator capacity:

Louisiana enacting more restrictions as case load continues to grow especially in New Orleans:

Florida shuts down bars and nightclubs, restaurants partially open, beaches still open:

Chinese study suggests favipiravir with early administration has substantial value in reducing severity of coronavirus:

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