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CV Central - 3/19/2020 - "18 Months, Captive Populations, and Mass Unrest"

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CV Central - 3/19/2020 - "18 Months, Captive Populations, and Mass Unrest"

For Episode 34, we start with a reminder that younger people can and do get sick, die, and use valuable resources when they don't separate themselves from the Covid-19 outbreak.  London is moving toward lockdown as the United States sees a report leak that claims they see the crisis as being 18 months or longer, perhaps informed by the Imperial College study and the time to vaccine with multiple waves.  Amazon now has a warehouse worker sick and a personal anecdote about food scarcity serve as warning for potential shortages ahead.  We look first at nursing homes where people are getting sick from hospital visits or other sources, but also at prisons and the complex situation there.  To prevent virus spread, nonviolent offenders are being released before riots happen, but will they have access to resources, cause disruptions, and how will law enforcement react and will it continue showing up?  Big questions and few answers, but situations we need to watch.  JP Morgan sees our economy shrinking by 14% next quarter already, and oil is tumbling further - what will last and how you can prepare are what we look at in this challenging episode.

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CDC analysis elevates health risk for younger people:

37 year old healthy man dies from Covid in Spain:

Lockdown thought to be imminent in London:

Pandemic to last 18 months or longer according to leaked US report:

Amazon warehouse worker tests positive for coronavirus:

Florida believes 19 nursing homes have Covid cases:

Baltimore Mayor asks people to stop shooting each other because hospial beds are needed for coronavirus victims:

Philadelphia stops arresting people for many nonviolent crimes in effort to reduce jail and prison population and risk of exposure:

Brazilian prison riot over coronavirus fears:

Major concerns in Federal and local penitentiaries about staff and inmate safety:

JP Morgan projects 14% contraction of US economy in Q2:

Oil prices continue to drop and could go below zero if supply overruns demand:

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