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CV Central - 3/20/2020 - "A Drug for Severe Cases, Privacy Issues, and States on the Move"

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CV Central - 3/20/2020 - "A Drug for Severe Cases, Privacy Issues, and States on the Move"

Some positive news starts Episode 35 as we report on a new blood test for Covid antibodies which might open up the opportunity for rapidly expanded onsite testing.  We also found a study from China which reports that Tocilizumab is a drug which helped patients in severe distress recover lymphocytes and improve blood oxygen saturation, a chance to reduce the ventilator shortage.  The government is working with social media to gain information even as suppression efforts continue, including more analysis of the leaked US Health and Human Services report where they anticipate supply shortages for the next 18 months or longer.  The Trump Administration appears to be contemplated a ban on domestic air travel, shutting down the stock market, and asking people to stay in place.  However, the existing bill before Congress slowly working forward is not adequate to meet the needs of many people to accomplish such a quarantine meaning absent much improved medical intervention, the spread will likely hasten.  Reports from California, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania all show the acceleration of the coronavirus and slowing of the economy.  While government thinks small, people come up big as 3D printers help keep people safe and alive in both New York and Italy, showing the value of open source community based action.

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New blood test for antibodies:

Chinese study about efficiacy of Tocilizumab for acute and severe cases:

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Trump Administration considering more expansive measures but none are imminent:

California has 40 million residents ordered to stay at home as Governor Newsom projects a 56% infection rate from Covid.

Boston sees hospital case number quadruple overnight:

Pennsylvania shuts down all non-essential businesses:

Ohio Governor reports National Guard deployment is for food distribution:

Elements of Congress' relief plan expected for late next week:

Syracuse couple print 3D face masks to help local effort:

3D printing company replicates key valve to save lives, gets sued by manufacturer:

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