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CV Central - 3/2/2020 - "Neurological Impact, Case Spread, and Outbreak Modeling"

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CV Central - 3/2/2020 - "Neurological Impact, Case Spread, and Outbreak Modeling"

It's a sobering Episode 19 where we start by looking at rapid worldwide progression of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We start by evaluating risk factors to have a better understand of this disease, noting the elevated cancer, diabetes, and obesity numbers, as well as having a larger elderly population, suggest our vulnerable population percentage may be higher than China.  Two new articles are covered in exhaustive detail cataloging both that Covid may behave like AIDS in actively suppressing the immune system, and detailing how that function could be causing people to literally forget to breathe due to neurological damage that appears likely to be enduring as Covid has been demonstrated to breach the blood-brain barrier.  The CDC continues its string of bungled quarantines and releasing sick patients to the general public as we compliment the FDA for higher competence in working to get test kits out there, and we look at a promising serological test which can potentially identify those previously, or perhaps in remission, with their illnes that is being developed in Singapore.  We look at evidence spread happened sooner, wider, and more often than predicted, offering our own modeling to better understand the disease.  Clusters appear to be revealing themselves in Seattle, San Francisco, and Toronto, as new cases hit Florida and New York.  We assess which areas are at highest risk based on the evidence.  Make sure you get masks and keep them on, as well as eye protection, your life may depend upon it.

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China's case count excludes asymptomatic cases, reducing potential numbers by 80% or more:

Autopsies reveal AIDS like function in Covid-19:

Covid-19 infects the brain to hinder neurological function - patients forget to breathe:

Singapore implements new antibody test to detect who has Covid:

CDC: Test Kit lab may have been contaminated:

FDA: Works to get testing guidelines met to decentralize testing:

15,000 test kits being distributed, more to follow:

CDC released patient in San Antonio who tested positive upon subsequent study:

Coronavirus had been spreading through US for weeks - Washington State suggests:

Second confirmed coronavirus death as 10 infected now in WA:

Cases spreading throughout California, many occurring through community spread:

Ontario, Canada up to 15 cases with Iranian and Egyptian thought to be sources:

Updates including cases in New York, Chicago, Rhode Island, and Florida:

NYSE considering shut down as virus panic infects market:

Yahoo reports poor forced to work and unable to get healthcare during crisis:

Statistical analysis questions capacity of quarantines:

Overview of vaccine process:

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