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CV Central - 3/23/2020 - "NYC Exploding, On Site Reports, Debt Bubble, and Contingencies"

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CV Central - 3/23/2020 - "NYC Exploding, On Site Reports, Debt Bubble, and Contingencies"

Episode 36 starts a new week with more stories about the terrible symptoms of this disease as well as a report all may not be well in Wuhan.  Italy can't even count their dead and now Covid-19 is everywhere in Canada.  New York features as the center of this outbreak with 5% of global current cases and we see the struggle to keep going as one surgeon at NY Presbyterian Hospital reports that can't meet the coming demand.  Medical imports are lagging, chloroquine is running out, and the search for PPE is becoming critical as the CDC is telling nurses to wear bandanas if all else fails.  We look into the quarantine letters about essential businesses and see that as an effort to keep people out, but at what expense to the virus fighting effort as many people in Seattle choose to ignore stay at home orders.  As DC fights over a pork laden bill, we look at the debt balloon, the question of inflation, and listen to the Fed warn nearly 1/3 of people may lose their job and half our GDP may also be lost.  We look at three ways to deal with that:  Resetting the debt, sending in the military, or trying to limp through, admitting there is no perfect solution to a pandemic running roughshod.

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Report of Lung Failure from Louisiana:

Report Wuhan now denying virus tests as focus shifts to economy:

Italian doctor too busy to count the dead:

Coronavirus in every Canadian provinces as restrictions tighten:

Seattle residents of all stripes ignore shetler-in-place suggestion:

NYC Epicenter of Pandemic:

NY Presbyterian Hospital Chief Surgeon warns they will be soon overrun as supplies and capacity are not adequate:

Imports of medical supplies plummet as demand soars:

Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine shortages announced:

Chicago area hospitals seeking PPE from dentists, vets, and plants:

What makes for an esssential business to break quarantine:

Stimulus package for Covid stalls in Congress:

Massive debt anticipated for the Federal Government:

Fed Chairman of St. Louis predicts 30% unemploiyment and 50% contraction of GDP due to coronavirus:

Considering a debt jubilee as solution:

Military contingency plans struggle with domestic audience and law enforcement problems: 

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