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CV Central - 3/24/2020 - "America Sold Out, Risk Factor Considered, and Europe Grappling"

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CV Central - 3/24/2020 - "America Sold Out, Risk Factor Considered, and Europe Grappling"

Episode 37 begins with a scathing critique of how America's determination to put finance, not economics, ahead of science and health is going to lead to this country experiencing the worst of all worlds with the utterly inadequate response by both the Executive and Legislative branches where it is increasingly clear everything but Covid is their priority.  We present a compelling case from Johns Hopkins as to why the science is bad and use an article about the peril to commercial mortgages with echoes of 2008 to hint at what is really going on in America.  In science updates, we have news about the increased risk about diabetics and hypertension, more details about how aggressively the coronavirus obliterates the nervous system, and information surface contamination may be longer in certain environments.  A tour through Europe and Australia shows how countries are being rewarded for more effective and immediate responses, as we see Italy trying to flatten the curve as Spain suffers from wider dispersal, the French deal with people ignoring social distancing measures, and the Germans testing early, often, and getting prepared.  The UK now has moved into lockdown, hoping to blunt the problem, and Australia is on the same page as the explosion has now hit down under.

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Trump ignores doctors and science for economic focus:

Thread from Johns Hopkins scientist on the choice US is making:

Assessing patient risk for diabetes, hypertension with Covid:

Looking into how Covid suppresses the immune system as a key unknown:

Covid survived 17 days on surfaces on Diamond Princess:

Italy underreporting cases as death toll seems to flatten:

Spain suffering from wider dispersion around their nation:

France issues 90,000 citations as people ignore coronavirus lockdown resulting in further spread:

Germany benefits from widespread testing and proactive implementation:

UK moves into lockdown to try to arrest viral spread:

Australia sees case explosion as number passes 2,000:

Commercial mortgages threaten by American economic shutdown putting investors at peril:

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