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CV Central - 3/25/2020 - "The False Calm, Key Vulnerabilities, and How the Banks are Gaming Us"

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CV Central - 3/25/2020 - "The False Calm, Key Vulnerabilities, and How the Banks are Gaming Us"

Episode 38 goes for a wider and deeper cut into the virus.  We check in with New York where the hospital system is now under deep stress, in the quickly expanding Atlanta cluster, see LA cutting off power to those businesses who stay open, and we look into how China lost many cell phone users as another hint something worse happened.  People flee from the cities to the country to cold receptions as countries begin shutting down trade and exports for their own domestic need.  The military has begun ramping up support operations with hospitals and doctors incoming.  Amidst all this, we look at DC disconnected with a so-called coronavirus support plan that basically promises 4% to the American people, 29% to corporate interests, and 67% to the banks who are being permitted to make unlimited loans with free money while we are told to work in these dangerous conditions.  This widening gap between finance and economy, between currency and value, is at the heart of what might cause a situation worse than 1929 and as we see spot gold rise while gold contracts plummet, we look critically at what people say they are doing versus what they are actually doing as too many shift the emphasis from the virus and health to their own cynical ends.

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A single coronavirus patient can be responsible for infecting up to 59,000 others:

Iceland sees 40 different mutations:

21 million Chinese cell phones cancelled in strange aberration:

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Case toll rising quickly in Georgia:

Los Angeles shutting power and water to non-essential businesses to force compliance with stay at home order:

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Army Corps of Engineers preparing to build field hospitals for Covid sufferers in US:

$6 trillion dollars promised in government response, most to banks and corporations:

Federal Reserve puts reserve requirements to 0:

Gold market in major trouble due to inability to meet contracts and margin calls:

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