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CV Central - 3/26/2020 - "NYC in Grave Detail, Ethics of Death Panels, Tipping Point"

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CV Central - 3/26/2020 - "NYC in Grave Detail, Ethics of Death Panels, Tipping Point"

Episode 39 is the first part of an exploration about the dangers America faces and what we realistically should respect from this virus.  After a quick update in which it appears reinfection is less likely as good news but mutation more aggressive as bad news, we go into the action in New York's hospitals where life and death scenes are playing out right now as supply is being overwhelmed.  The stark relief comes into focus with two pieces by the New England Journal of Medicine that consider rationing of care, and ventilator protocols as what some will call triage and others will brand death panels because of our inaction.  We see morgue capacity now in question, officers calling off sick, and doctor breaking down as garbage bags are being used to supplement PPE.  This crisis may go on for many months, be a season event, and we look starkly at the potential of event that without much better action that seems improbable from not just policy makers, but our businesses and our people, where Americans are chancing a death toll into the millions by summer's end.  Tomorrow's second part will go into the equally troubling economic and survival implications of a society entering plague with disparity, distrust, and despair.

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