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CV Central - 3/27/2020 - "What Covid means for the human economy, key fault lines revealed"

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CV Central - 3/27/2020 - "What Covid means for the human economy, key fault lines revealed"

The fortieth episode looks at the second part of the health equation which is to delve into why the economic problem is so bad.  After a quick review of drug shortages, an exploration of a different pathway by which the coronavirus is harming people, and a glance into Russia getting sick and Italy having dead whose numbers are rising sharply in one town without an attributed reason, we look at the pending policy bill.  A pork-laden monstrosity that is conceived reactively as just another response in an unending line of new debts, it fails to solve the basic question of how to keep people whole and stop people from moving for a time sufficient to stamp out Covid.  The rush to satisfy debt versus public health means a bill not so concerned with ventilators, PPE, and medical support as it is inadequate loans, heavy bureaucracies, and promising a bigger problem later for many people.  We see 3.3 million Americans unemployed this week as the first harbinger of many more to come.  Inability to pay rent, then to pay mortgages, and then to pay lenders comes forward as small businesses shutter.  How does agriculture hold up especially with a severely at risk population for both spread and contamination in close quarters outside legal status still out there?  Absent these answers, we see truckers avoiding NYC, people in northern Michigan telling city folks to stay home, and Texas now quarantining people coming from hot spots being quarantined or heavily fined and incarcerated.  All this in a battle between finance, debt, and control, with economy, assets, and scarcity on the other side as people make rational health decisions toward safety, something our government seems to struggle on all sides to understand.

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