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CV Central - 3/30/2020 - "Immune Overreaction, Months not Weeks, and Detroit"

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CV Central - 3/30/2020 - "Immune Overreaction, Months not Weeks, and Detroit"

We begin our eighth week of coronavirus coverage with Episode 41 as we look to answer questions.  Exploring the confused immune response and cytokine storm effects may explain why certain people get more ill including critically so, offering new avenues for medical intervention.  We discuss the high mortality rate and the problems of ventilators.  Countries around the globe push back the timeframe as we see an unusually high unattributed number of dead people emerge from Wuhan questioning those numbers one urn at a time.  Italy sees the curve flatten but the pressure continue as some looting happens in Sicily.  New York has food banks under pressure as new hospitals arise.  But what is happening in NYC is spreading throughout America as we look at both small towns and a Midwestern city in Detroit to show just how fast Covid takes root once in a given area.

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Dr. Ya-Chi Ho diagram for how immune suppression happens:

Microbiology of lungs study of immune response against Covid:

Analysis of immune suppression from SARS in mice:

India moving forward with antiviral drug testing and production:

FDA approves hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine for use:

Steep mortality rate from early cases in ICU questions effectiveness of interventions:

Russian population profile for Covid trends somewhat younger:

UK lockdown to last until at least June:

26,000 extra urns beyond what was reported from either Covid or would be projected naturally are delivered in Wuhan:

Italy keeps waiting for peak that never seems to come:

People without income taking food in Sicily:

NYC food aid entities are beginning to buckle:

New York continues case acceleration even as curve flattens slightly:

How the coronavirus is affecting middle America:

Virus task force overruled Trump's quarantine idea:

Michigan in focus, Detroit hit heavily with fast case growth:

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