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CV Central - 3/31/2020 - "Spread Through Conversation, Growing Unrest, Under Reporting Fatalities"

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CV Central - 3/31/2020 - "Spread Through Conversation, Growing Unrest, Under Reporting Fatalities"

We seek the ultimate questions in Episode 42 as some of your inquiries are answered with the latest research.  We look at how not just cases, but deaths are likely being under reported especially as places with taxed medical systems make the decision to exclude high risk low survivability patients, substantiated by proving fatality numbers versus annual averages and Covid official casualty counts that are substantially beneath this discrepancy.  We learn that infants seem not to carry the coronavirus, although most had antibodies.  Japanese researchers show how microparticles could spread Covid in many more places with video that will astound.  In light of this, we see Austria's decision to mandate masks outside as sensible, as those places without protection get ill more quickly.  On the economic front, we see strikes and worker unrest building at Amazon, Whole Foods, in meatpacking and agriculture.  Tenants are planning not to pay, and Sicilians working under the table are now stealing their groceries.  Tensions build as the government response helps some but not all, and with restrictions likely until June as promoted in Virginia, the future will be a challenge.  Lastly, Brazil prepares as they see the virus is mutating there and a long fight is ahead.

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Covid-19 news:

Death rate not counting many people dying at home in Italy and elsewhere:

Anitbodies in infants with mothers who have Covid:

Japanese research reveals microdroplets produced by breath and conversation aerosolize the virus:

Austria requires masks for all outside actions, reduces spread by 3/4:

Amazon warehouse employee organizes strike for unsafe working conditions:

Amazon employee who organized strike fired for causing "unsafe" work conditions:

Whole Foods plans strike starting today over safety and pay:

Meat handlers regularly practice in unsafe conditions with Covid suspected individuals still working at many facilities:

Rent strike movement rising nationally:

Civil unrest quickly building in Sicily as food scarcity becomes issue:

Review of the CARES Act passed by Congress:

New Jersey rationing access to pharmaceuticals:

Virginia shut down until June 10th:

Brazil prepares and already sees mutation in Covid as virus adapts to tropical environment:

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