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CV Central - 3/3/2020 - "Assessing Medical Readiness for the War Against Covid"

Coronavirus Central
CV Central - 3/3/2020 - "Assessing Medical Readiness for the War Against Covid"

With our twentieth episode, Coronavirus Central evolves in a new direction as we seek to make sense of how to deal with the burgeoning pandemic versus reacting and reporting to cases.  An active mindset based on reality and threat assessment is emerged instead of a reactive mindset based on feelings and risk mitigation.  We look at why South Korea's model is working better, why Europe's is not, and how taking the fight to Covid, declaring war against this common threat to humanity, is precisely the right mindset for how we must mobilize all people and all capacities of our society for victory.  Crucial to that defense is understanding and developing the ability of our front line defense, our medical systems, and we report upon the shortfalls in ICU beds, protection gear, and information being shared with medical practitioners and citizens alike, with suggested action both big and necessary needed for the fight ahead.  Our thanks to our 20,000 daily listeners, as we ask your help to grow the human resistance to the virus that targets us all.

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