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CV Central - 3/4/2020 - "Two Strains of Virus; Four Cities Response; Seattle's Choices"

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CV Central - 3/4/2020 - "Two Strains of Virus; Four Cities Response; Seattle's Choices"

For Episode 21, we begin laying foundations for the Human War against Covid-19 by reporting we now have evidence there are (at least) two dominant and different strains of the virus in the larger public, with a more aggressive "L" strain that appears to have evolved from an ancestral but perhaps less easily detectible "S" strain.  Adding that to our list of questions, we review what happened from Wuhan in detail as precusor to how other world cities are approaching their outbreaks.  We see Qom struggling badly in Iran, Italy's health system in peril in Milan, and Daegu is even taxing the robust Korean effort.  What lessons can Seattle learn as researchers think that city is three weeks away, perhaps less, from going through the same problems? 

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Fed cuts interest rate by .5%.  Stocks still tank:

SARS-CoV-2 mutating into at least two strains:

WHO raises Covid-19 death rate to 3.4%:

Review of major events from Wuhan, China, and Covid-19 from December to February:

Video from Qom, Iran of many filled body bags with coronavirus victims (translation in replies):

Iranians lick Shi'ite shrine in defiance of coronavirus:

Iran frees 54,000 people from prison to arrest spread:

8% of Iran's Parliament has Covid-19:

Thousands wait for hospital beds in South Korea:

South Korea expands testing in Daegu beyond Shincheonji Church:

Northern Italy heavily impacted by coronavirus outbreak:

Italy's elderly most at risk, most prominent amongst those needing care:

Flu researcher discovers coronavirus likely transmitting through Washington since late January, predicts 600 cases now present:

Kirkland, WA firefighters now in quarantine after inadequate safety protocol used and flu-symptoms result:

Amazon employee sick in Washington:

Seattle tourism plummets:

Stricter protocols put in place as victims depart San Antonio:

Research: 33 poly(A) tail on SARS-CoV-2 and speculations as to purpose:

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