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CV Central - 3/5/2020 - "Brain Infection, Doctor Concerns, and New Modeling"

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CV Central - 3/5/2020 - "Brain Infection, Doctor Concerns, and New Modeling"

In this twenty-second episode, we report new evidence from China which further suggests #Covid-19 is a neurological disorder, as well as another example of an infected person who was nominally "cured" who has now died.  India has found their first cluster, California has their first reported death, and South Africa is now infected.  An NHS doctor from the UK lays out what help ICUs need and Singapore develops a new three hour 99% accurate test.  The NHS stops reporting daily and Florida refuses to expand testing as two examples of bad policy endangering the public trust.   Lastly, we look at a predictive model from Australia suggesting this will cost 3-10% of the world economy and a death toll in the tens of millions in the best-case scenario.

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China: Recovered patiend dies four days after discharge:

China finds first case with hard evidence of neurological infection serving as cause of death for Covid:

First major cluster detected in India:

First death in California, emergency in Los Angeles:

First reported case in South Africa: 

NHS Doctor: ICUs not ready:

UK now reporting weekly:

Florida refuses doctor requests to expand guidelines:

Singapore develops three hour test with purported 99% accuracy for coronavirus:

First case in New Jersey:

A formula to assess likely case load at this moment from CV Central:

Australian study announces global cost of Covid-19 oubtreak likely to reach 10 figures:

Analysis of above study sees best case death toll in eight figures worldwide:

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