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CV Central - 3/6/2020 - "Children Super-Spreaders, Congressional Funding, and Tough Choices"

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CV Central - 3/6/2020 - "Children Super-Spreaders, Congressional Funding, and Tough Choices"

In Episode 23, we're looking at a new study from Shenzhen in China about how this virus spreads and the suggestion that children, thankfully spared the worst of the disease to all current accounts, may also be a primary source of transmission.  Feces might offer another alternate equally valid and more easily accessible path for future testing.  We share the story of a nurse who got sick and the system that failed her as Washington State calls on Federal help for resupply of key equipment revealing we likely do not yet have all we will need as this spreads nationwide in America.  Congress' 8 billion dollar spending bill represents the first action toward putting major additional resources into the fight which we analyze.  We report upon BC seeing community spread in the Northwest in Canada, and we look at the UK and their seeming decision to let this blow through choosing a terrible set of medical consequence over perhaps other economic dangers.  Are homeless shelters one part of a larger government plan hiding in plain sight to prepare for mass quarantines?  Lastly, some good news as we learn while dogs may get sick, best evidence suggests they are not a health threat to us for Covid-19.

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Study from Shenzhen, China about Covid-19 epidemiology and transmissibility which looks at children as potential spread source:

Journal of American Virology Article suggests feces could provide a safer mechanism for testing:

California nurse in quarantine because established PPE protocol was inadequate; could not get testing from CDC:

Link to Washington Post article about WA request to DC for strategic reserve medical supplies:

Congress passing bipartisan coronavirus supplemental funding bill:

Text of proposed bill:

Failures and challenges of vaccines from previous efforts:

Eight cases reported in BC, Canada including first with community spread:

NHS Chief Medical Officer in UK reports government may prefer to take Covid outbreak all at once:

Link to interview:

DHS Weekly Sitrep Report indicates about 800 critical care beds free:

King County buys hotel for quarantine victims in Kent, WA, locals distressed:

Speculative video about government purchasing homeless facilities starting in January in the same places hardest hit by #Covid.  Planned response?

Dog tests positive, not likely to spread to humans:

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