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CV Central - 3/7/2020 - "Recombination, Shortfalls, and Cancellations"

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CV Central - 3/7/2020 - "Recombination, Shortfalls, and Cancellations"

We close our fourth week with Episode 24.  New evidence emerges to substantiate claims of neurological damage, substantial risks to cardiovascular health, and we find Covid may not just mutate, but also reconfigure itself in a process called genetic recombination.  A DOD Study suggests a flu shot might heighten your risk to contract any coronavirus, and we see two different studies about how the new endemic virus will have major consequences for our medical system at first and our society at large.  China is almost as frustrated with America's tepid response as we are here at home as we watch the escalation continue.

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Florida reports first two deaths from coronavirus:

Inside an Italian ICU (skip to 5:45):

More confirmation of nervous system infection from China:

Cardiovascular impact from Covid common:

Genetic recombination a feature of coronavirus:

Genomic analysis of Covid spread:

14% of recovered cases test positive again in Guangdong:

China suggests increasing post treatment quarantine to 28 days:

US DOD study suggests viral interference from influenza vaccinations may reduce resistance to coronavirus:

University of Washington/Seattle Flu Study estimates of growth by Trevor Bedford:

Liz Sprecht Analysis of why medical system will break:

Business Insider reports on estimate that 96 million Americans will be infected with 480 thousand casualties:

How America's CDC botched testing:

Hong Kong paper critizes tepid American response:

Canadian expert:  Coronavirus cannot be contained:

SXSW canceled:

Emerald City Comic Con cancelled:

Federal Reserve interventions not working to lift market:

Tased over toilet paper in Australia:

New protocol in WA jumps for ignoring the disease to calling it endemic per the CDC:

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