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CV Central - 4/10/2020 - "Divided We Stand: The Fault Lines of Covid Dysfunction in America"

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CV Central - 4/10/2020 - "Divided We Stand: The Fault Lines of Covid Dysfunction in America"

CV Central celebrates our fiftieth episode as the longest running pandemic podcast by looking at how the struggle to find winners financially and ideologically is making the American response incoherent which portends a hard future on every front, including health and economics.  As the WSJ shifts to see immune suppression as playing a major role, we see the Fed tell us unemployment will rise further still as the economy shrinks.  A delayed and reactive Federal response emphasizing top-down control is trying to save the old system as even as we see 17 million Americans unemployed, a third unable to pay rent, and people without help stuck in a labyrinthine system of bureaucracy.  Without PPE or support to be delivered, California's Governor talks about their own nation-state acting differently as autonomy grows, and in a totally different but equally independent manner, we see Idahoans wanting to protect their privacy and liberty as a diverging response.  Will we accept tracking?  What does the new world look like with a second and other waves threatened?  We see alienation, division, and scarcity as the food chain is covered, and we seek to prepare for a future whose only certainty is how different it will surely become.

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