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CV Central - 4/21/2020 - "Economy, Finance, and Morality: Understanding Who Owns What"

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CV Central - 4/21/2020 - "Economy, Finance, and Morality: Understanding Who Owns What"

Episode 52 brings us into the question of what the real economy is doing.  We start by looking at massive unemployment, examining food security and pricing, and seeing how the bureaucracy entrusted to help people is failing.  The moral case we must work has begun to be promoted despite public health risks which are frankly unknown but might be deadly or debilitating, but never looking more deeply at who has benefited.  The ongoing nationalization of American assets across all sections of life by the Federal Reserve as part of the efforts to maintain the system are not without cost and a further consolidation of ownership into fewer hands and seeing the populace in greater debt.  This episode examines choices we could make differently, so you understand who is winning and who is losing and decide how you personally fit into these questions we have one chance to now ask.

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