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CV Central - 4/2/2020 - "Who else dies, cats as spreaders, and ventilator support issues"

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CV Central - 4/2/2020 - "Who else dies, cats as spreaders, and ventilator support issues"

Here in Episode 44, we look more deeply into the two to three times normal death rate of people who are passing beyond annual averages in Lombardy of whom only a third are being attributed to Covid.  A new study suggests ferrets and cats may carry the coronavirus, including the possibility cats exhale the virus.  Even with more ventilators coming online, shortages in doctors, drugs, and oxygen represent new problems, as nurses are more actively protesting being asked to work absent PPE.  Canada says to expect this until July, at best, as the Netherlands starts studying when herd immunity may come.  Food banks are seeing 40x their usage in Orange County, CA and we have only seen one in a thousand, if that, exposed as the crisis deepens.

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Susceptibility of various animals to Covid:

WSJ study of Italian death rates suggests many more deaths from both Covid and lack of access to medical care for other conditions:

Shortages of key ventilator drugs and staffing issues lessen ventilator efficacy, could cause major problems in the future:

Oxygen shortages for ventilators at NYC hosptials:

Chicago Hospital bans nurses from wearing PPE:

National Nurses United protesting PPE shortages, reporting on massive shortfalls:

UK rethinking mask effectiveness as more options for aerosolization change assessment:

Best case scenario sees Covid response going until at least July in Canada:

Netherlands starts study to assess path to herd immunity over next year:

Visual represenation of the CARES Act:

NY lawmakers considering shutting down Amazon warehouses after more workers sick and complaining of unsafe health conditions:

Vermont orders box stores to only sell essential goods:

Food lines at Anaheim food banks as post Disney economy there sees 92% local unemployment amid tourism busy:

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