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CV Central - 4/22/2020 - "The Divided States - Competition Gets Regional and Partisan"

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CV Central - 4/22/2020 - "The Divided States - Competition Gets Regional and Partisan"

Unhappily, Episode 53 covers the consequences of disjointed Federal policy in the United States leading to new divisions.  A failure by DC to prepare for or meet the needs of states led to encouraging independent responses, and we see at least three factions forming as pacts that are pursuing a divergent path than the Administration desires with growing acrimony and consequences.  With California, New York, and Illinois all firmly ensconced with their neighbors in a health driven slower approach, we see people bristle on both sides as the issues become more partisan, and we see the Great Plains, South, and Texas rush toward openings.  If things go badly, how fragile might these connections become?

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Covid-19 news:

Flashback: President Trump tells governors to solve their own problems back in March:

Western States Pact applauded betweeen CA, OR, and WA:

Newsom providing $500 benefit to CA illegal population:

Trump closing off all immigration at same time pushing for economic open:

Conservatives calling on AG to prosecute states for restrictions during Covid:

NY Governor Cuomo announces multi-state pact with CT, DE, MA, NJ, PA, and RI:

NY hires high powered consulting firm to make evidence based approach in contrast to DC:

ME working with NH and VT to coordinate separate response in Northern New England:

Illinois joins partnership with IN, KY, and OH to form larger Midwest Pact with MI, MN, and WI:

Protests encouraged by President Trump happen nationwide to open economy:

Iowa avoids joining Midwest group - works informally with NE, SD, ND, and others:

DC Area states working together as virus expands in region to coordinate lockdowns between DC, MD, and VA:

Following administration lead, GA, SC, and TN eager to reopen like FL and TX:

Editorial decrying the partisan nature of our response and how it makes governing impossible:

Coronavirus Central Unscripted - 4/17/2020 - How disagreements become dissolution:

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