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CV Central - 4/23/2020 - "What Will Determine the Second Wave"

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CV Central - 4/23/2020 - "What Will Determine the Second Wave"

Episode 54 takes a hard look at what we should expect from a second wave.  Instead of basing our modeling on the idea those who have had Covid are automatically assumed to have immunity, against the growing body of evidence of weak antibodies, we look instead at the nature of what Covid does, what other coronaviruses do, and look at the physical reasons why a second wave could be far more dangerous.  We see clotting becoming a major problem, eyes infected, and connect these to a coronavirus which can last longer, infect more ways, and has shown the ability to recur with greater virulence from mutation and greater risk to people from an increased volume of viral load.  We imagine a number of cured people going out to claim victory, but what if our future is far more sick people going out to unwittingly infect one another without the immunity they assume, dangerously, to possess,

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China places millions in city of Harbin under lockdown in potential harbinger of subsequent Covid wave:

Structural problems in studies of presence of coronavirus in California:

Mysterious blood clotting complication killing patients:

Rising use of blood thinners to treat oxygen deprived and clot prone blood:

Reminder: Chemical study about how Covid attacks hemoglobin:

Now more than 30 strains observed with Covid including some that are considerably more virulent:

Study demonstrating that SARS-CoV-2 is acquiring mutations capable of substantially changing how pathogenic it can be:

Study of coronavirus class and susceptibility to mutagen impact:

University of Michigan protein modeling project:

Covid found in the eyes of recovered patients days after negative tests:

How Covid forms the hardest protective shell of any coronavirus allowing it to survive longer in various substances as well as be potentially more contagious and more likely to recur:

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