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CV Central - 4/24/2020 - "Food, Debt, and Dependency - Global Uncertainty and Volatility"

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CV Central - 4/24/2020 - "Food, Debt, and Dependency - Global Uncertainty and Volatility"

Two big themes mark Episode 55.  We start by looking at secrecy in the UK, tragedy in Brazil, and growing Russian dependency on China to see the world beyond the human suffering of the coronavirus to see old orders disappearing to an uncertain yet undeniably novel future.  With oil collapsing, we see debt rising, and the big actors being protected for now as billionaires gain and banks rise, but small businesses suffer, people are unemployed, and food scarcity looms ominously on the horizon for wealthy and poorer populations alike.  A credit contraction is already beginning at the bottom as consumption remains low, and with local governments going in arrears to fill the gap, the question about the future should not be how to get back, but how we can survive the many unknowns we must all confront in the days ahead?

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Covid-19 news:

SAGE Group provides confidential and secretive guidance for UK response:

Nightmare in Brazil:

Food vulnerability leading to global unrest:

Russia being drawn more deeply into Chinese orbit by coronavirus:

Oil price wars will lead to massive destabilization:

America's four biggest banks are the biggest winners in response:

Billionaires increase wealth by 10% during pandemic:

Credit cards beginning to contract offerings in fears of defaults:

Many meat plant workers sick throughout Wisconsin:

Capacity falling and prices rising rapidly, especially in the last two weeks for pork, beef, and poultry:

House passes bill largely to augment money for PPP Small Business loan program:

Impending financial catastrophe for state and local governments with high demand for services as revenues tank:

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