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CV Central - 4/27/2020 - "Risks and Rewards of a Not So Grand Reopening"

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CV Central - 4/27/2020 - "Risks and Rewards of a Not So Grand Reopening"

Episode 56 starts asking the question which will determine our near future about what comes from the impending reopening.  Hoping to restart the economy and alleviate quarantine fatigue, we see the suffering measured by food security, unemployment, and having families in unfamiliar situations is real.  Yet, we also see why the economic boom won't happen because of behavioral changes, that the loss of life expectancy has sharply risen amidst other unknown threats, and observe the echoes of the past warning us that caution has often proved wisest.

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Latest statistics:
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Covid-19 news:

Experts worry about quarantine fatigue:

Re-opening America doesn't mean what people want it to mean:

Majority of unemployed Americans not getting financial support yet:

The challenges of balancing home schooling and work prove highly stressful:

Meat supply issues worsening:

Covid reduces life expectancy in men by 13 years, in women by 11 years:

Cross-country study of unassigned deaths suggest Covid death toll may be up to 60% higher:

Importance of testing asymptomatic carriers:

Immunity passports may prove deadly as WHO shares there is no evidence yet for conferred antibody immmunity:

Glimpse into beginning of the reopening:

What happened when San Francisco opened up early from the Spanish Flu:

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