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CV Central - 4/29/2020 - "Who pays for unemployment amidst rising factionalism?"

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CV Central - 4/29/2020 - "Who pays for unemployment amidst rising factionalism?"

For the 58th Episode, we turn to a heavily divided America as we look at structural problems at both the economic and political levels and the challenges they portend.  After a quick update about a disturbing new problem with children in the UK that is potentially Covid related, we see Nevada and Colorado join the Western Pact and Florida basically let slip they're coordinating their open with Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee in support of the Administration and DC.  When you realize unemployment is in genuine risk of insolvency, the actions to open certain business, the recalcitrance of the Senate, and the unhealthy rush to begin again take on a new light as we see the Fed stepping up to help towns, with uncertain outcomes, as Congress does not.  We look at the Paycheck Protection Program that costs workers and businesses money, and as inadequate as the meat supply continues to be in peril, but the response from DC is forcing people to work as strikes portend in May.  Amidst all this, we see the hyperpartisanization make effective policy impossible as America slinks further into unsolvable conflict inviting the virus to do what it will.

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Covid-19 news:

Children Covid survivors developing Kawasaki Disease - a blood illness:

NV and CO join Western States Pact:

Southern alliance revealed by FL Governor DeSantis:

State Unemployment running out of money:

Fed now buying many more municipal bonds under new guidelines:

McConnell refuses to help states unless corporate liability removed:

The problems of state bankruptcy during deflation:

PPP Loans went to huge entities like the LA Lakers:

How taking a PPP loan ended up costing a small business and their employees alike:

America's rising protein shortage:

Trump uses Defense Production Act to compel meat plants to reopen after Tyson lobbying:

Multi-corporation strike planned against unsafe working conditions for May 1:

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