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CV Central - 4/30/2020 - "Less Shedding and Tough Sledding"

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CV Central - 4/30/2020 - "Less Shedding and Tough Sledding"

Episode 59 covers two areas in some depth, starting with good news from Korea suggesting viral shed improbable from recovered patients which should reduce contagiousness.  That is tempered by more reporting on strokes in younger people, as Indian scientists identify a potentially emerging dominant strain which may explain why we are seeing new symptoms emerge.  The challenges this virus is wracking upon the economy continue to worsen with another 3.8 million Americans filing for unemployment, and states doing all sorts of things to get people back to work, potentially not just putting their people at risk, but literally lying and compelling them to act against their own interest as we begin to see the partisan divide surpass the concern for public health.  We close by looking at why Hoover made the Great Depression worse as we risk replicating those same mistakes in this era.

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Covid-19 news:

Korean CDC believes false positive tests explain local reinfections:

Indian scientists find A2a strain emerging as dominant coronavirus:

How HIV is invading the viral nucleus:

Younger Covid victims seeing strokes potentially from clotting in key blood vessels:

Death tolls up beyond Covid reported numbers suggesting additional cases not identified:

FL Dept. of Health silencing County Medical Examiners:

Another 3.8 million Americans file for unemployment:

OK leaders debating ways to reduce unemployment as means to induce people toward work:

Georgians put in choice between health and poverty by Gov. Kemp:

Battle over blanket liability forming in DC - linked to state support:

Lessons from the Great Depression about what not to do:

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