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CV Central - 4/6/2020 - "The limits of social distancing and the known unknowns."

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CV Central - 4/6/2020 - "The limits of social distancing and the known unknowns."

For Episode 46, we reset and take a look at the current situation.  Good news about flattening curves in Spain, Italy, and elsewhere conceals that we are at the beginning of a long story.  We look at the modeling from US and the many missteps along the way as we ask if we're really turning the corner, using the South as having many examples of how the modeling that presumes distancing does not reflect the on the ground reality.  Then, we ask about the adaptability of the coronavirus, noting how it jumps species, closing with stories about mutations and recombination in this class allowing for greater transmissibility.

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Europe sees numbers begin to fall in response to social measures:

An inside look at the Federal Response to this date:

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Spared initially, the American South may suffer badly before much longer:

How Americans are underestimated the duration of the Covid pandemic:

At least 8 strains of the coronavirus have been identified:

Nextstrain mapping of the various Covid genomes reported:

Tiger infected at the Bronx Zoo:

Recombination, Reservoirs, and the Modular Spike: Mechanisms of Coronavirus Cross-Species Transmission:

The Coronavirus Nucleocapsid Protein Is Dynamically Associated with the Replication-Transcription Complexes:

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