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CV Central - 4/7/2020 - "The bad news in plain sight, divorcing finance from the economy, and China."

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CV Central - 4/7/2020 - "The bad news in plain sight, divorcing finance from the economy, and China."

Episode 47 offers a counterpoint to the optimism which is infecting the West and leading to dangerously premature conclusions.  New reporting from Spain suggests a death told double or triple what was officially recorded from Covid, more people in Korea are testing as reinfected, and we look at the suggestion hypoxia, a lack of oxygen, might be part of the problem resulting from the virus potentially interacting with hemoglobin, or red blood cells.  As promised, economics are considered as detail after detail shows how we're seeing the decoupling of finance from the real world of goods and services as we show food lines lengthen, grocery workers die, warehouses hampered, and worries grow.  Gold rising as stocks do the same hint at the fundamental disconnect.  We close with another glance into China where they are trying to internationalize internet kill switches as they claim zero infections in their military and charge Italy to get back the masks a more generous people once donated to the CCP.  From health to economics to geopolitics, the evidence makes clear this is only the beginning of what Covid hath wrought upon us.

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Covid-19 news:

Spanish Courts find death toll far exceeds Covid case reporting suggesting many additional virus related deaths as most likely culprit:

51 cases of "reinfection" lead to more questions from South Korea:

A theory that suggests hypoxia might be affecting Covid patients with viral bonding to iron depriving body of oxygen leading to respiratory failure:

Former Fed Chair Yellen expects massive economic GDP decline and unemployment spike:

Commodity trading continues to fall threatening historic lows as predictor of future trouble:

Florida food bank sees 600% rise in demand:

Meat production plants shutting down in several states:

Grocery workers dying from coronavirus exposure:

Amazon warehouses facing more worker unrest as coronavirus toll grows:

Gold price rising steadily:

Up to 1/6 of NYPD calling off as burglaries rise in NYC:

China claims zero infections in its military:

Sailors unhappy with US Navy response to their safety:

China using Huawei and new 5G networks to introduce internet "Shut Up Command" for centralized control as standard feature:

China charges Italy for the masks Italians donated to them one month prior:

CCP endorses social media conspiracy theory that blames US Army for infecting their country:

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