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CV Central - 4/8/2020 - "Hypoxia, Antibodies, Reactivation, Ivermectin, and Mask Distribution"

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CV Central - 4/8/2020 - "Hypoxia, Antibodies, Reactivation, Ivermectin, and Mask Distribution"

In our 48th episode, we explore challenging evidence suggesting that antibody protection is brief and scant, that the red blood cells are another target, and a provocative fear that asymptomatic carriers may experience reactivation through means not understood within a month of a first infection.  After looking at the troubles in the Bronx, and an elevated death toll from the UK from home deaths, we consider why ivermectin might be helping as another antimalarial.  We add evidence the hypoxia leading to deaths is because Covid interferes with both the iron and scaffolding of red blood cells, and learn that carriers with slight infection were without antibodies in under a month in a substantial number of cases.  This changes many assumptions in the modeling, suggesting reinfection could occur rapidly, but also with increasing severity as recurrent asymptomatic carriers could hit each other with increased density of viral load in infected areas with already present Covid to guide potential immune suppression.  These problems might be why we see UK papers now questioning if this came from a lab as China hoards masks at the same time people get sick in Toronto from bad ones they shipped out.  Feds are taking from states and hospitals without explanation in the US.  In the good news department, Vitamin C helps a lot even for those in the hospital, and North Dakota gives us an example of how science can permit different publicly useful and acceptable responses as we move forward.

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Ontario has to dump half of mask supply after Chinese provided masks fail safety standards in province nursing homes:

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FEMA seizing masks from states and hospitals without clear explanation:

Vitamin C infusions help severely ill patients according to several doctors:

North Dakota undertakes widespread testing to seek different approach to coronavirus management:

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