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CV Central - 4/9/2020 - "How Brazil is like America and troubled nations around the world."

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CV Central - 4/9/2020 - "How Brazil is like America and troubled nations around the world."

Episode 49 looks at how countries around the world are handling the coronavirus outbreak.  We look at Korea reporting about this question of reactivation and what it means to start things off.  From there, we look at how badly Ecuador has been pounded and all the ways in which Brazil, a country not dissimilar to the United States in many aspects, is struggling and sits just before a major outbreak.  India is trying to prevent a disaster, as we share a story of a gathering in Pakistan 100,000 strong that may infect much of the Muslim Third World.  Indonesia is under pressure and Algeria is struggling to remain stable.  Turkey has jumped into the front rank of nations and Russia is arresting people for dog walking.  Sweden let the disease flow more freely, and now has taken the lead in death toll in Scandinavia, paralleling how the UK has become struck.  Lastly, we include a leaked speech from a PLA speaker in China that suggests a very scary future if the Covid they fear is revealed as our reality.  In sum, we learn the worldwide consequences are far beyond stopping from the health, economic, and geopolitical levels as the coronavirus moves forward.

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Coronavirus reactivating in "cured" Korean patients:

Ecuador's struggles continue to worsen:

Brazil's cavalier response sets Bolsonaro against every state governor:

Urban poor in Brazil can't afford not to work as virus spread hastens:

Brazil struggling to obtain ventilators from China:

Diplomatic ties between Brazil and China fraying:

Brazil and India along with other countries poorly set for economic cost of coronavirus:

Pakistan religious gathering served as megaspreader event as case toll worsens at home and abroad:

Indonesia reverses from original claims the virus won't be so bad as pandemic takes root there:,000-deaths-in-indonesia/12131778

Algeria is torn between protests and pandemic:

Turkey sees surge in coronavirus cases:

Russia faces conflict between those staying home and wanting to go out:

Sweden avoids lockdowns, faces highest death toll in Scandinavia:

UK sees worst day yet:

Leaked Chinese military speech suggesting covid may be far worse than being publicly revealed:

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