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CV Central - 5/1/2020 - "Worldwide Issues on Food, Health, and Insecurity"

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CV Central - 5/1/2020 - "Worldwide Issues on Food, Health, and Insecurity"

Episode 60 expands the outlook as we check in on Russia, the UK, and Canada in more depth and see how hints of a second wave are peeking out from Germany to Singapore.  Global food supply chain issues are leading to greater insecurity presaging political issues.  The disappearance of Kim Jong Un as President Trump hints that the Wuhan lab is to blame for Covid only ratchets the tension further, as we close with diverging narratives in America as we see other countries finding the way to come together against a shared enemy: Covid.

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Latest statistics:
Case sources:
Covid-19 news:

Fear of second wave of Covid travels worldwide:

Russian Prime Minister tests positive for Covid as death toll crosses 100k:

New cases added to UK death count from nursing homes and outside hospitals:

Migrants cause second wave to rise in Singapore:

Updates from the Canadian provinces:

Food shortages could be a third wave problem greater than all thus far:

Latest rumors from North Korea as Kim Jong Un remains missing:

Trump suggests Covid originated from Wuhan laboratory in contradiction to US Intelligence public statements:

How mad the left is at the right:

How mad the right is at the left:

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