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CV Central - 5/13/2020 - "A Question of Priorities: How We Ignore Covid at Our Own Peril""

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CV Central - 5/13/2020 - "A Question of Priorities: How We Ignore Covid at Our Own Peril""

Episode 68 was supposed to be about the divergent policy responses caused by the political polarization in the United States.  After a serious look at just how well ideology is now predicting expectations beyond science, we see such American absurdities as the Right deploying a militia to defend a barber shop in Michigan, or the Left using the virus to decry toxic masculinity in mask usage, all ignoring this deadly pandemic.  Deeper research into antibodies show more compelling evidence of ADE, that the sequence of strains may convey either immunity or severity, and offers a startling but evidentiary backed thesis from Japan that says earlier strains are the biggest determinant in why some places get wrecked, others do not, and who is at risk going forward, with America and the West in bad shape.  If that's not enough, we also see evidence how ACE-II wide dispersal in the female reproductive system and fetal presence suggests earlier and wider dangers as this evolves unless we come together quickly to fight Covid instead of one another.

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