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CV Central - 5/15/2020 - "Coronavirus in Canada: A Comparative Study"

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CV Central - 5/15/2020 - "Coronavirus in Canada: A Comparative Study"

For episode 70, we travel north to Canada for a comparison against what the United States experiences.  A more robust policy response including direct aid support has helped minimize suffering for most Canadians, although a terrible failure in nursing homes, existing outside their public health system in many cases, has driven the vast majority of their deaths.  We look at Montreal having many problems including the abandonment of elderly at one nursing home.  The bank has been buying everything it can up there also, but with 3 million plus already unemployed in the country of 37 million, a projected economy drop of potentially 40%, and debt quickly rising, the questions of what a re-open will permit are a problem up there as everywhere.  Food prices are rising, scarcity may become a problem, and the question of a recovery in the best of situations, even with a government more committed to the safety of their people, is uncertain at best and difficult to envision in the short of medium term.

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Montreal among worst hit cities worldwide:

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Bank of Canada seeks business and household debt as growing problems especially with Covid outlays:

Two million Canadian jobs lost in April with over five million seeing work reduction or loss:

Food prices rising and shortages possible starting in June:

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