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CV Central - 5/18/2020 - "On Mutations, Receptors, and Transmission"

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CV Central - 5/18/2020 - "On Mutations, Receptors, and Transmission"

Episode 71 looks at the most recent information about viral mutation, spread, and how it connects to us.  We start with the troubling outbreak of Kawasaki Disease, a heart symptom affecting children in Italy and New York.  As we come to see not just the different mutations, but how they oddly impact the functional proteins unlike any other coronavirus, we're reminded just how distinctive Covid behaves.  We see how eyes are impacted, how cats may be carriers, and are reminded of how disjointed policy has become with respect to the science.  A deeper dive into the ways Covid interacts with our cells shows not just ACE-II, but CD147 and CD26 are just the first suspected targets as we race against time and the disease in a war whose future we cannot predict despite our own dangerous complacency.

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