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CV Central - 5/21/2020 - "The Dragon and the Eagle"

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CV Central - 5/21/2020 - "The Dragon and the Eagle"

Episode 73 is a review of the quickly deteriorating United States and China relationship that is advancing across all fronts and pulling countries to different sides as the coronavirus serves as a constant drumbeat adding pressure domestically in both nations.  As a major lockdown occurs in China's Northeast with fears of a new strain with longer time to appearance, we see a feud break out at the WHO, consumers not wanting to purchase from either country, trade fraying, mistrust growing, and escalation over arms and Taiwan.  As a Pentagon study shows America losing a future war with China and the People's Congress feeling pressure to push back with more than propaganda, two countries driven by mistrust, fear, suspicion, and the need to deflect blame represent a dangerous dance for not just each other but the entire world.

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Despite zero reported official cases, major new lockdown in Chinese Northeast:

China - US spat at WHO:

Economic nationalism rising in both American and Chinese population:

Kudlow dismisses fear China will dump US sovereign debt:

Rivalry intensifies to cover Taiwan more deeply: 

Chinese paper asks if America and China are destined for conflict:

Pentagon war game sees China defeating US in 2030 war with Guam at risk:

America leaning on Israel to reduce ties with China:

Concerns over Chinese biotech threaten US security relationship with Israel:

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