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CV Central - 5/27/2020 - “Prepare for the Days Ahead"

Coronavirus Central
CV Central - 5/27/2020 - “Prepare for the Days Ahead"

To celebrate 75 shows, this special episode splits into three parts. In the first, we study new analysis from Australia demonstrating how Covid is uniquely adapted to attacking humans and a report from China how the coronavirus is erasing markers from sick cells as an ideal concealment strategy. The rising conflict between the US and China stretches from Hong Kong in protest, Taiwan becoming more concerned, and India now having issues on their Chinese border as Xi declares China must prepare for war in the future. Against that, we focus our backdrop on preparedness and using this summer of folly to get ready for a long and uncertain stretch by resetting to a simpler, sustainable, and sovereign life against all threats foreign and domestic to keep ourselves and our families safe and secure.

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